About Louis

It seems like I’ve been taking picture for ever, maybe I’m just getting old, but then again you’re only as old as you feel. I may well have been born halfway through the previous century but that doesn’t mean I’m out of date!

Hayley Mills circa 1967/69Hayley Mills circa 1967/69

Originally from Belgium I now live in the south of England, although I do travel around quite a bit.

I started to take photos at a very early age with a ‘Box Brownie’ that I borrowed from my father. Even at that early age I guess it was obvious that I was going to be a photographer as I wandered around Horse Guards parade asking various uniformed individuals to pose. I was around 8 or 9 at the time!

By my mid teens I started work at Time Life in London which provided ample opportunities for honing my photographic skills working with people like Derek Bayes, Alan Clifton, Tom Picton and picture editors like Brenda Draper.

Tom Picton - Filing an assignment for Time Magazine, circa 1967/69Tom Picton – Filing an assignment for Time Magazine, circa 1967/69
Brenda Draper - London picture editor for Time Inc, circa 1967/69Brenda Draper – London picture editor for Time Inc, circa 1967/69

After my time at Time Inc there have been many other roads that have been trodden, including sometime in the armed forces, photographic retail, banking and a lifetime in IT. I’ve worked with adults who appear to be children and with real children and everything inbetween.

Throughout all the years I have never been far away from my passion, photography, and since the very early days of digital I have been completley in my element by fusing my IT skills with my photography. Not everyone is happy with the manipulation side of digital, I on the other hand totally embrase it. To be able to open the brides eyes in that all important group shot where she unfortunately blinked (the bigger the group the more chance that it will happen) it’s magic!