Portraits come in all shapes and sizes, and although portraits are normally associated with studios, they can in fact be shot anywhere. I have taken many wonderful ‘portraits’ during wedding receptions and other events.

Most people tend to feel a little uncomfortable going to a studio to have their portraits taken, after all it’s such a big scary place! So instead of you having to go to a big scary studio, I’ll come to you. That’s right, I’ll bring the lights, the camera and then all you have to do is provide the action. Or may be you would prefer some photos taken on location, no problem, I will be more than happy to do the shoot on location.

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Studio style portraits can be undertaken at your own home as well as in a studio, I can easily bring the studio to you. This image was taken in the subjects front room.


Why not treat the one you love to a very special present by arranging a family photo shoot. I can create a photo book for you to give to your partner for a special anniversary. Maybe you would like a canvas wrap.

This photo was included in a book that Angela gave to her husband on their 40th wedding anniversary.

The photo shoot was again performed in the lounge not in the studio.


So maybe you want something a bit different, dramatic lighting, manipulated images. Something for your portfolio maybe


Whatever the occasion, be it a family outing, an event or maybe for promotional purposes. In the studio, on location, maybe your work place.

Maybe even individual portraits put together to form a montage.


On location or in your home, whatever is your preference.

Of course, some pets are a little large to actually be photographed in the home!

Of course, some pets are a little large to actually be photographed in the home!